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Fuller Treacy Money is one of the world’s most highly regarded research services covering global strategy and investment trends.

Produced by Global Strategists David Fuller and Eoin Treacy, Fuller Treacy Money analyses the major markets – stocks, bonds, currencies and commodities – from both a technical, behavioral and fundamental economic perspective.

Their technical approach to market timing is both behavioral and factual, with emphasis on market sentiment and price dynamics. David and Eoin’s views are often contrarian and include market interrelationships. Their macroeconomic overview is based on a study of market history, liquidity cycles, fiscal policy and psychology.

Fuller Treacy Money

Brand & Identity

Fuller Treacy Money approached our team to support their new website and brand as their business grows and evolves.

The branding for their business was set out to be high impact and informative at the same time thus resulting in a rather detailed new brand and identity for the business.

The use of the strong new brand has been carried through to all their marketing collateral such as news letters and regular customer alert and update emails.

Fuller Treacy Money

Website Application

Fuller Treacy Money had a very specific and traditional requirement for their new website.  Look and feel had to compliment their existing customer base and their preferred layout and content presentation.

The new site was built as a mobile and tablet focused framework ensuring access and readability of all content was as efficient and logical for all user types as possible.

The design was evolved and adjusted during the build process to accommodate the extensive depth and breadth of data provided for the database.  the data it self was an enormous task from migration from their old website and the end results were highly successful.

Fuller Treacy Money

Creative Approach

The design and creative approach was relatively restricted by Fuller Treacy Money and through ongoing creative progression to the site a marketing lead home page was created with a different interface for logged in users.

Integration of video and many interactive elements for presentation of their large array of data and statistics have been well considered and produced a platform their customer understand and fine very easy to engage with on a regular basis through automated direct email alerts and other direct mail communications.

The site is design light in reality and makes a strong focus on content presentation through clear and well defined typography.

Fuller Treacy Money

The Results

As their new subscription grow and retention of existing subscriptions is proving resounding solid, the website and all is associated customer focused features continue to support the business and their customer base equally well.

The project was a significant data lead task with a lot of complexities all of which were delivered within the time frame and budget levels agreed making the project highly successful for Fuller Treacy Money.

Fuller Treacy Money