GASCO is an operating Company engaged in the extraction​ of Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) from associated and natural gas.

With a process capability of 5,500 million standard cubic feet of feed gas (MMSCFD) per day and producing 285,000 barrels of condensate, 4,500 tonnes of sulphur and 28,000 tonnes of NGL per day, GASCO is currently one of the largest gas processing companies in the world.



GASCO approached GRID for the creation of a series of games for assisting in the communication and education of their employees.

The games required for this were carefully considered to provide a fun but beneficial message platform for supporting and encouraging a safe and productive working environment between GASCO and its staff.

The environment was fully web based with user accounts and login allowing all games to be played, tracked and reported upon providing not only a very useful learning and educational environment for GASCO staff but also information and analysis for the management team.



The GASCO World was a complete virtual and interactive world build to represent all 5 key plants for the company.  The interactive map allowed users to click from one plant/location to another and view the location including slick animations and interactive elements.

The main GASCO World also presented their business key safety rules which was a key aspects for all the games that we designs and developed for the platform and campaign.


The Application

The back bone to the GASCO World project was a very comprehensive application and content management environment for controlling and managing all aspects of the leading website.  This website consisted of a fully responsive series of information pages about the campaign including registration and login for all staff users within GASCO.

The application also managed all reporting and tracking of user activities within the series of web games we developed including login date time and count, games played, top score, leader boards and much more.


All reports could be generated on demand from the admin area and also exported for internal information and training purposes.


Safety Dash Game

Each games was carefully planned out from a game play perspective in association with one of the 8 key safety attributes for GASCO.

The Safety Dash game was a birds eye view driving game with multiple tasks for a user to achieve and complete a safety exercise.  Driving carefully and safely is a key element of the GASCO policy as their plants are extensive but of course private land so rules are only defined by the company.

Speed was not always the main objective to completing the tasks, but finishing with as few penalties as possible, the game was a great success with a massive take up from all staff members.


Be a Team Player Game

Being a team player was naturally an important policy for GASCO to convey as in any business, however within a safety conscious business with a gas industrial environment the need to work together and safely was paramount.

This game demonstrated the need to work as a team and respond to action’s as thy happen quickly to avoid issues and penalties within the game.

Within the game key messages were also presented at each stage thus promoting and reinforcing the attributes associated to the game safety rules.


All The Way Platform Game

The All The Way platform game was probably the most complex game we designed and developed with four unique levels with a large array of obstacles to avoid and overcome.  Developing a platform game which instilled safety policy to the user and at the same time did not present danger was a significant challenge so as not to loose the fun of the game.

Working seamlessly with GASCO we adjusted and tweaked the game to deliver the most played game of the 8 game series.

The campaign ran over a two year period and set new standards within our capabilities of developing a fully integrated application with multiple games for employee engagement.