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Greenacre School is a successful school for girls aged 3 – 18.  Part of the United Learning group, the benefit from the investment and expertise of being part of a group whilst continuing to deliver Achievement and Confidence for All by challenging, developing and nurturing every pupil to be the very best she can be and to achieve beyond her expectations.

They believe strongly in developing confidence in girls and young women and reminding them frequently that they ‘can do’ and should aim high.


Greenacre School is a very active and progressive educational environment and this carries through to their website ensuring their student, parents and indeed teachers are provided with intimidate access and delivery of the most current and relevant school information as possible.

As a service provider we ensure Greenacre School website is always up to date on a daily basis and evolution of features for their website users continues to grow and evolve.

The depth and detail of content is vast and a clear and well defied navigation logic had to work as effectively as possible on large scale monitors, tablets and mobile devices without any limitations.

Creativity & Presentation

Working on many of the Greenacre School websites it was of course highly important to ensure their brand and image was always aligned and presented in a highly professional manor.

All photography was care fully selected and aligned to the appropriate sections of the website with great attention to the message being delivered and of course with download speeds being considered.

The layout for the site adapts to the user device in a responsive format and the main navigation menu adjusts to ensure all pages are accessible quickly and easily for their users.

The Results

Greenacre School website is a great resource of information, news, imagery and video for both existing parents and students as well as prospective parents to the School.

The website has evolved greatly since it was built and we work closely with the Marketing team to consider new ideas and directions for further evolution of their web presence.

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