Ion Science

Ion Science was one of our most enjoyed projects pushing the boundaries of our technical software integration capabilities to new levels.

Ion Science is a leading manufacturer of technologically advanced gas detectors, PID/VOC detectors, SF6 leak detectors, mercury analysers andcorrosion monitors, distributed worldwide.

Their range of PID instruments have a dynamic detection range of ppb to 20,000 ppm for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and a unique in-built resistance to humidity and contamination. You can browse their product pages for the VOC, gas leak detector, mercury detector or corrosion monitor best suited to your application.

Ion Science has some of the best products in their market place, and as a very technically focused business they have a lot of key information they must present to their prospective and existing customers in both a clear and visually appealing way.

The extent and complexity of their gas search solutions resulted in a highly customised search engine inbuilt to their website to accommodate all their expected requirements.

The website is a key marketing and also customer service engine for their business and many features and functionality had to be built from the ground up to deliver the solutions suitable for their customers.

The entire website is fully content managed allowing for complete access and control of everything with a minimal learning curve so things had to be built well and very intuitive.  The products/gas database and its related search logic is highly complex and was of a massive initial challenge but one that was a great success.

The site was planned and design with a focus for mobile and tablet users ensuring all content was extremely easy to read and presentation was logical and highly optimized.

As the business grows Ion Science is always looking to expand their business with a massive focus on their customers at all times.  Customer focused features such as partner and re-seller portals, customer support centers and massive resource libraries of videos and documents provides immediate access of information for their array of website users.

Ion Science continue to have great success from their existing web solutions, supported keenly by our highly dedicated team and the future for Ion Science looks amazing.

We have established a long and close partnership with Ion Science providing regular updates and new features to the ever growing site.


  • Feature rich and extensive functionality across the entire website
  • Very customer focused with easy navigation, custom filters and search
  • Easy to understand interface and design logic


  • WordPress Multi-site for global reach.
  • Extensive custom features and cross content association.
  • Modern yet clinical design.
  • Integration with HubSpot.