Pothecary Gin

Pothecary Gin was created with a passion for organic, handcrafted, artisan produce. After many months of research, and tasting, Martin Jennings elected to use the less common process of distilling each botanical separately, and then blending them together before dilution, which yields incomparable, high quality aromas and flavours, creating an exciting gin that’s both well- balanced and refreshingly individual.


  • We developed an easy to use website for promoting and also selling Pothecary Gin products
  • The new ecommerce interface was designed to be super easy for their customers with option to grow exponentially as required
  • Inclusion of some animated elements and sliders to enhance the sites appeal and usability
  • Great feedback from customers
  • Greatly improved site traffic from the launch and returning customers


  • A modern and brand focused website design
  • Ecommerce integration
  • Age security logic on site entrance
  • Impactful use of imagery and video through out