We Are Grid - Priory Prep School


Priory Prep School

Founded in 1921, Priory Preparatory School is for boys aged two to eleven years. We have approximately 220 boys. Being a smaller school allows us to get to know the boys really well and to forge a strong relationship between school and home.

As well as being highly successful in preparing boys for top senior independent schools, we strive to provide an environment where each boy is valued and encouraged in all aspects of his life, we aim to give all the boys plenty of opportunities in a variety of settings, all designed to give them confidence as well as providing fun.

We Are Grid - Priory Prep School


We designed a very modern, fresh and high impact website for Priory Prep School which was developed on the popular and highly flexible WordPress platform.

The new website was near completion at the point the school merged to form Banstead Preparatory School and therefor never actually went live.

We won the project under tender from several other web companies and prior to the announcement the project was a great success.

We Are Grid - Priory Prep School

Creative approach

The new design was tailored for a blend of modern yet still retaining a tradition feel.

The final site design was approved and greatly helped We Are GRID to win the contract.

The design evolved from the original proposed creative and was further enhanced during the development phase resulting in a very impressive and customer focused website.

We Are Grid - Priory Prep School

WordPress at it’s best

The website was developed using WordPress and a combination of powerful plug-ins and lots of custom development.

The website was built from the ground up to be fully responsive for mobile tablet devices and retained an impressive layout and display approach throughout all the different display resolutions.

The final website was near completion and only awaiting final content insertion.  As a project it went extremely well and was delivered with the agreed time frames and on budget.

We Are Grid - Priory Prep School - mockup