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Stock Tube

StockTube provides investors and traders with cutting edge video interviews from public company executives, analysts, fund managers and other active market participants, covering individual companies, foreign exchange and general investment themes.

Stocktube is part of the Proactive Investors Group, a leading multi-media news organisation, investor portal and events management business with offices in New York, Sydney, Toronto, Frankfurt and London.

We Are Grid - Stock Tube

What we did

Working closely with Stock Tube we discussed in detail the design directions for the new website.  Creative planning was essential and we reviewed and researched in depth many video serving platforms including some of the leading house hold name video websites.

We wire framed the entire site to ensure structure and positioning of all key elements were correct before moving to the creative phase.  The actual site design was very clinical and content focused.  Aligning to the existing brand, which we had originally produced for Stock Tube, the new site design was completed within budget and the agreed time frame.

Stock Tube has grown from strength to strength and the release of the new website has provided an even stronger platform for their continuously increase viewing audience.

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