Tricuro is wholly owned by Dorset, Bournemouth and Poole councils and provides a range of high quality care and support for you or your loved ones.

They have highly trained and skilled staff and offer flexibility, consistency and reliability of service across the county which are focused on meeting the needs of people in their communities.

Working with Creative Studios, we designed and built in a very small time window a new website for their initial launch.

The website was designed and built prior to content being provided, which made the process rather complex, yet with some adjustment we managed to achieve a very impressive new site in time.

We are in discussions for revamping the website significantly now to align to Tricuro’s new approach, services and branding, so watch this space!

The original design for Tricuro was very impressive and demonstrated just how amazing their content could look.  The design was conceptual and without content to align to so we were set with a difficult task.  The entire current website design and build was completed within only 4 weeks so with more time the next edition will be a significant leap forward.

We have also worked ongoing with Tricuro with their marketing team to produce videos, adverts and animated content for social media.

They are a great organisation to work with and have established a strong relationship over the last couple of years.

We are currently redesigning the main website and also combining lots of creative directions achieved from the illustrations and animations created for their business overview video.

The new site will be a great push forward and provide a solid and more business focused platform for both marketing and also customer services for new and existing clients alike.


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