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Ion Science

We Are GRID have recently been awarded the new contract to build a leading edge product based websites with a large features and functionality requirements list for Ion Science.

The new website will be fully responsive for mobile and tablet devices and provide a highly efficient and powerful new marketing platform for their business showcasing in a very modern way their product portfolio.

The website will provide a comprehensive platform for their customer base with a very diverse and content rich array of tools and support assets for download and review.

We are currently busy on the new designs and which are taking great shape and we expect the new site to be ready for going live in the spring.

About Ion Science

Ion Science is a leading manufacturer of technologically advanced VOC detectors and photoionisation detection (PID) sensor technology.

Their range of PID instruments have a dynamic detection range of ppb to 20,000 ppm for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and a unique in-built resistance to humidity and contamination. If you are looking for the VOC, gas leak detector, mercury detector or corrosion monitors best suited to your application, Ion Science is the provider you should consider.

Ion Science manufactures gas detection, leak detection and corrosion monitoring equipment. Their instruments are conceived and designed by their talented in house team to meet the needs of a wide range of industries and applications. Research is at the heart of their company and is fundamental to their technology and product development.

Since their foundation in 1989 they have grown their interests world-wide with companies and divisions formed dedicated to market sectors and geographical locations. They are a private limited company owned by three individuals although all employees have share options.

They are located near the world famous city of Cambridge, in the United Kingdom in a superb rural location with good road and rail and airport connections.