Connect with your customers on the move

Our Approach

Stay ahead of the crowd in this rapidly growing environment. Our mobile apps are designed for maximising impact, focused on ease of use and creating demand for your business while your customers are on the move.


Mobile App design logic and purpose

For each app or mobile-friendly website, we go through an intensive planning process, which focuses on the needs of the user and ensures that their mobile experience will be conducive to achieving your business objectives.

By applying our tried and tested mobile app design rules we are able to ensure the user interface and most importantly the user experience is optimised for speed, efficiency and clarity, driving your customers to act on the information presented in the way it was intended.


The mobile app design layout

Mobile app design is a fine art of precision layout, detailing of icons and navigation elements ensuring the minimum space available is put to the best and most appropriate use possible.  Over crowding is not an option in mobile app design as the interface will quickly become confused and unnecessarily complicated for your users.

Planning your users path from initial screen to end goal before starting the design process is of course essential, and often during this process initial design concepts will change and by adjusted to accommodate the final mobile apps technical solution.  Once the user journey is defined and tested in principal, the mobile app design process will be smooth and focused on the visual impact more than technical delivery.


Always focused on usability

The mobile app market is certainly a very crowed environment, and with limited space on your end users mobile desktops, the usability of the app over rules the visual impact and creative design.  Mobile apps are mainly delivered for two primary purposes, fun or solution delivery.  Any mobile app that is purely intended for fun such as games, quiz based apps, video or graphical entertainment are of course highly visually focused.  However as with solution deliver apps such as account information and updates, the usability experience is so important to get right.

We always focused on usability as the priority!  If your mobile app does not work for your users immediately and without complication, it simply won’t work however stunning the user interface is.  So planning and user testing of the mobile apps usability is the foundation for a successful application.  Oh and we will of course make it beautify as well.

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