Website design with flare

Our Approach

Website design is not only about beautiful images and stunning layouts, we will focus also on the alignment to your brand, logical navigation and clear and purposeful content and messaging.


You only have 5 seconds

The primary goal of your website is to convert visitors into customers, and we have the knowledge and skill required to get you there. Just like your business, we know your web presence must be defined by the user experience, producing a compelling, accessible interaction where everyone benefits.

Having only 5 seconds to grab your potential customer attention is a scary thought, but we are all about impact and customer retention.

We will guide and advise on the right website design approach which blends perfectly with your market strategy without compromise.


Website design with impact and flare

It’s one thing to make it pretty, but a pretty website isn’t usually enough. We conduct extensive research and planning to optimize your website design for your target audience.

Of course making things look stunning with impact and flare is what we love doing.  Choosing the right image and photographic direction, careful color blends and typography, the right mix of media including video and subtle animations all come together seamlessly during the website design process, delivering a visually impressive and always customer focused environment.


Responsive website design

Of course we always consider the growing market place for mobile and tablet and our mobile first approach ensures all views are aligned and tailored beautifully.

We ensure our responsive website designs for perfect for the user experience across multiple devices and browsers.

Position and structure of content is well considered ensuring the right content appears always in the right place for maximum impact and attention.  Of course we can’t fit everything in the power positions, but through tried and tested techniques, we can ensure all priority information is visible and accessible always.


Goals for the user journey

Knowing your users and what they expect from your website is of course extremely varied and diverse.  However there are of course common rules that through research has proven common approaches to follow.

User journeys are certainly critical in the design of new websites by highlighting the current issues and producing an ideal picture from a typical user’s perspective early in the process. Our team will help to balance the business goals with the user goals, creating the optimal user journey.

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