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Content management systems that facilitates the creation, publishing, distribution, organisation and management of online content for your website.

Content Management Systems

Customisable, robust and scalable solutions

Content management systems (CMS) facilitate the creation, publishing, distribution, organisation and management of your websites content.

Content Management Systems not only creates the structure of how information, articles, video, design elements and images will be presented, it gives all of the tools for populating your website. Content Management Systems support the web editor by providing all the tools necessary for the creation of your content, the publishing of the content, and archiving and backing up your content.

Irrespective of your technical capabilities, our Content Management Systems are simple and intuitive so that even the most none technical administrators can use it effectively and almost immediately with minimal training.

Content Management Systems

Giving you complete control

Content Management Systems give you the control to manage your website or web application content when you want and from any location simply through a browser.  We ensure that almost every single aspect of  your site is editable;e and manageable directly from your own personalised Content Management Systems administration area.

Security is of course a key consideration and we will work with you to ensure the right level of security is achieved without making access too restrictive for you to operate freely.  Notification and alerts can be set to manage security access controls including IP lock down, incorrect username immediate IP ban and of course logs for all successful access attempts including date, time and IP.

Through your own Content Management Systems administration area you can see all site activity and mange everything giving you complete control, and peace of mind.

Content Management Systems

Tailored features and functionality

Content Management Systems be it propitiatory or open source are out of the box simply a framework to providing tools and controls for managing data, media assets and files.  Many Content Management Systems come with some inbuilt features and tools however in most cases these are essentials only.

Tailoring and extending the Content Management Systems features and functionality is where we excel, supporting your needs and ideas with customised plugins and extensions that are fit for purpose and work seamlessly with the Content Management Systems core.

By discussing and understanding you business requirements, we can plan, design and develop any feature and functionality necessary.

Content Management Systems

Tracking and reporting

Content Management Systems are an essential approach for self management of your site content.  Keeping your site up to date, content rich and current is not only beneficial for your users, but also important from an SEO perspective.  Supporting the creation and editing tools are also the reporting and tracking solutions which allow visibility and analysis of your sites performance and user activities.

By knowing what is happening on your site in real time in our opinion is of key importance, allow you to respond and address immediately actions required either from data issues, customer requests or simply pages with limited traffic.  We provide comprehensive tracking and reporting solutions inbuilt directly with in the Content Management Systems administration area, however we can of course including and combine your tracking with any third party solution such as Google Analytics.  Knowledge is king, the more reporting and data you can analysis and act upon from you website the better!

Creation, publishing, organisation and management of content

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Your in control

Update remotely

No code skills needed

Safe and secure

Backups and roll backs

Version control

Manage your content authors

Fast and efficient

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