Shopping experiences that convert

Our Approach

We specialise in Magento and Woo Commerce which are leading ecommerce platforms giving you creative control over the appearance and functionality of your ecommerce website optimizing your consumer’s experience.


Extreamly user friendly

Magento and Woo Commerce are ideal resources for all ecommerce businesses, regardless of experience or familiarity with CMS platforms. The user-friendly foundation allows us to create a solution uniquely fit to your business needs, but without overly complex and difficult-to-use features.

With a clear and structured navigation system we can easily identify opportunities to increase your site’s performance, and discover ways to further expand your customer base through advanced metrics.


Search engine focused

The ecommerce platform is developed with both search engines and users in mind, allowing your business to start appearing more prominently in search results without jeopardizing how users are engaging with your site.

All functionalities of Magento and Woo Commerce keep this as a priority, which in turn helps keep your business more connected with users. Promotes higher sales and increase your overall traffic with a solution that specializes in SEO efficiency.


Powerful, flexible and secure

Magento and woo Commerce offer extensive scalability options so that you can create the exact customer experience you need. Choose how you want to manage your ecommerce site, and find the method that works best for your company.

If you’re unsure of what the future holds in terms of business growth, rest assured that your site can easily be adapted to accommodate expansions and advancements whenever needed. Effortlessly enhance your page with any third party solutions you require, and take comfort in the knowledge that all are supported at any given time.

The community of mobile users is growing exponentially. To meet the increasingly widespread needs of these users, the Magento ecommerce platform supports a mobile-friendly responsive design. Regardless of the device your audience is accessing your website on, their experience will always be optimal. From tablets to smartphones, usability will never be a concern for your business.


Packed with features and extensions

Similar to WordPress, both Woo Commerce and Magento ecommerce platforms are stacked high with a huge array of free and premium (paid) plugins and extensions to support virtually any feature required for your online store.  We have many years of experience reviewing, testing and qualifying the right components for your online shop saving the project development process precious time.

We are also able to build from scratch any ecommerce extension that is not available from the growing market place of extension providers.  Our plugins are often lightweight and developed for a specific purpose improving efficiency and optimizing your ecommerce store performance.

Optimizing your consumer’s shopping experience

The Benefits

Community edition is free

Superb scalability

Thousands of extensions

Flooded with features

Very flexible platform

Very customizable

Can support multiple themes

Social networking friendly

Good security

Multi-user capable

Search engine optimized


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