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Talent Point process info graphic

Talent Point – process infographics

Talent Point Process slider is a part of entire website. We created this with a close attention to real tasks taken by Talent Point team. It is a true representation of whole schedule Talent Point is proud to offer to every Customer. If you would like to see the process in action, please view the here process slider here.

Info graphics are an extremely effective way to deliver a key business message, announce a product alert or launch, present industry or company statistics or simply to demonstrate a business process flow or approach in a highly visual and memorable way with lasting impact.

Story boarding your info graphic

Communication with your audience doesn’t have to stop at emails, whitepapers, and articles. Simply put, info graphics communicate information visually. We include text as a foundation, but successful info graphics use illustrations, data visualisation, layout, and overall design to reveal your key message or business case and this all begins with a carefully thought out story board.

When story boarding your info graphics, we plan carefully the messaging and key points supported by creative illustrations and visuals with massive impact and flare allowing your content to stand out.  Delivery of the message also of course must be easily understood and also memorable which is key to successful info graphics.

Creative direction

Creative direction for info graphics is often defined by the core subject of the message, however we embrace a very open and individual approach ensuring your info graphics stand out from the crowd.  While writing the content for your info graphics we consider all creative ideas and visual concepts to support the message and key points.

Creativity often includes graphs, charts and statistical visuals in combination with illustrations and image based graphics.  Apply the right mix of creativity along side the content and key messages if a fine balance and we always focus on making sure your info graphics are not over crowded or confused.  Visual impact is of course very important, but getting the right blend in combination with the actual message is critical to successful and memorable info graphics.

Keep the message simple

The message and copy based content is the core of an info graphic.  Keeping the copy light and to the point  helps to deliver a message that can be quickly and easily understood and in turn memorable and referable.  We employ highly experienced copy professionals for ensuring the message is suitable and appropriate for your overall message objective.

A careful blend of well balanced fonts can help to provide a clear and easily interpreted message.  Large scale font size for call out and lead points is always important to draw the eye and lead the info graphic story in the path intended.  We will work with you closely to deliver your message and massage it accordingly to deliver a perfect end result.

Bring the info graphic to life

Animated or video based info graphics present messages in a familiar format that combines visual and clear communication. With one click, your message will unfold and deliver. Whether you’re developing a pitch, website explanation video, or revealing findings from a study, animations and motion graphics are an accessible way to engage and inform your target audience.

To get the full effect of an info graphics message, you sometimes have to delve beyond the surface. Interactive info graphics are a modern solution for presenting high-level and granular details without overcrowding and over complicating. Through cleverly engineered hover-overs, clicks, and animation reveals, the content your audience sees is not just viewed information, it is ultimately experience.