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Talent Point

Talent Point take ownership of your organisation’s IT hiring. Talent Point provide Recruitment Process Management software through which positions and reports are coordinated; they design job specifications, recruitment campaigns and hiring processes; and they guarantee delivery of applicants, all of which they do for the same fee as a recruitment agency charges.

Talent Point also represent a number of PE and VC firms for whom we conduct due diligence and performance reviews then map entire IT department structures in line with business growth targets.

Vacancy Management

Rather than an outside-looking in third party, your hiring goals are also our hiring goals. We minimise the time you spend looking at CVs and doing interviews by eliminating unsuitable applicants using mutually agreed criteria.


To keep recruitment campaigns on track – and to make them completely visible – we provide simple to use, web-based software to all customers as the backbone of their new hiring process. We assign a dedicated Account Manager to oversee all hiring activity, spend at least one day each week on site and report on the results of our Research Team’s extensive coverage.

Process Design

For growing organisations, recruitment processes tend to evolve organically until such a time as centralised control becomes either affordable or necessary. The result is resistance to change from hiring managers accustomed to complete autonomy and the cost of appointing an internal recruiter. By planning and implementing hiring processes on engagement without charging a fee, Talent Point lay the foundations for seamless future hiring.

Supplier Management

Where recruitment agencies are already being used Talent Point can maintain these relationships on behalf of your firm, widening our coverage to include preferred recruiters for specialist or non-standard vacancies.


“Added value” may be a cliché, but by keeping our fees identical to those of a recruitment agency this is exactly what Talent Point delivers. Rather than hundreds of companies we barely know, our time is invested in a small number of customers with whom we have extremely close, contractual relationships. The result is far greater resources with absolutely no increase in cost.

Due Diligence

Where technology is critical to growth, Talent Point can deploy interviewing and research to report on what needs to change. Our research helps PEs, VCs and trade buyers make sound investment decisions around IT-centric businesses. Typically we provide structured reports containing in-depth analysis.

Department Mapping

Once investment has occurred we determine a department structure and hiring plan geared to realise specific growth targets. We consider what the market can support to produce the most efficient IT department possible.